New Item publish -40 inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor !

May 24, 2021

Latest company news about New Item publish -40 inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitor !

    If the 2K+144Hz gaming screen is the dream monitor in the minds of many players, when NVIDIA released the 30 series gaming graphics card with Ampere architecture, people have realized that not only the 1080P+60Hz screen has not kept up with the pace of the times. Even the 2K+144Hz high-end gaming monitor is no longer the best display effect that people can enjoy. In the context of such a huge increase in computing power, the gaming brand HOPESTAR has launched a higher-standard high-refresh, high-resolution, high-quality triple-high display 40A2QR. How is its specific performance? Let's take a look.


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The upgrade of NVIDIA Ampere architecture in ray tracing technology and DLSS technology allows flagship graphics cards RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 to have high resolution and high refresh rate while ray tracing is turned on. The HOPESTAR brand 27-inch panel has an ultra-high resolution of up to 4K, and the number of pixels is 4 times that of ordinary FHD. It can show users more details of the picture. With a high refresh rate of 144Hz, it allows ultra-high-end graphics cards to ray tracing. The effect can be played perfectly, allowing players to no longer make a trade-off between clarity and refresh rate. Each screen is able to break through your imagination, and every second allows you to experience the enthusiasm of the battlefield.


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As a game monitor, in addition to high resolution and high refresh requirements, players also attach great importance to the response time of the monitor. After all, even if you have a very high refresh rate, the response time of the screen has not been improved accordingly. If you don't, you will be very annoyed by various problems such as smearing and not following your hands. The HOPESTAR 40A2QR uses the ADS final version panel, which is born with a very low 1ms (GTG) fast response time, and AOC also optimizes the smear delay of the display, so that you can truly experience the click-and-feedback Feel freely, coupled with the display stream compression technology, so that your gaming experience will soar, and you will experience a handy ultimate experience in the strong man’s tricks.

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Although HOPESTAR 40A2QR is an e-sports monitor for gamers, it is comprehensive in all aspects of the display. It is different from the low color gamut and low contrast of conventional e-sports monitors. AGON AG274UXP has 102% DCI-P3 wide color. It also has 10bit color depth, which can restore the color details of the picture more realistically. In addition, the display also uses local dimming side-lit partition backlighting. Compared with the traditional backlight mode, HOPESTAR 40A2QR has higher contrast at high brightness and has DisplayHDR 600 display capability, which can bring players a more realistic picture presentation. , Outstanding, open the full-link color engine!


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Not only that, HOPESTAR 40A2QR will undergo rigorous color calibration before leaving the factory to reduce color deviation. After color correction on site, the display's average DeltaE<2, even for color-rigorous design editing work can be calmly dealt with. Coupled with the standard lens hood of the monitor, it can effectively shield the influence of ambient light on the screen, allowing you to fully immerse yourself, wholeheartedly, without interference, whether it is gaming or work.


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In this era of soaring graphics card computing power, HOPESTAR 40A2QR combines 4K, 144Hz, and 10bit color depth. With a sufficiently excellent hardware foundation, it brings players a top-notch screen that can be perfectly competent in games, movies, and productivity. display. I believe that model is definitely the best monitor for you to experience the perfect game!


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