Intel launches new Xeon W-3300 processor released

August 10, 2021

Latest company news about Intel launches new Xeon W-3300 processor released

Intel recently launched a new generation of Intel Xeon W-3300 processors, which will be sold through system integrators. The Intel Xeon W-3300 processor effectively breaks the performance limit through intelligent design. Its new processor core architecture is designed for advanced workstation users. It provides excellent performance, extended platform functions, and comparable performance in a single-socket solution. Enterprise-level security and reliability allow professional workstation users to achieve better work results on the workstation.


latest company news about Intel launches new Xeon W-3300 processor released  0

Significance: The Intel Xeon W-3300 processor is designed for a new generation of professional application software with multi-threaded, I/O-intensive workloads, and can be used in artificial intelligence, architecture, engineering, construction, audio-visual entertainment and other application scenarios . The Intel Xeon W-3300 processor adopts a new processor core architecture that can greatly improve efficiency and advanced technology that supports data integrity to provide outstanding workstation performance.


About the new Intel Xeon W-3300 processor: Five new processors (W-3375, W-3365, W-3345, W-3335 and W-3323) provide users with outstanding performance in a single-socket solution And extended platform functions. They provide up to 38 cores and support up to 76 threads through Intel multi-threading technology, with frequencies up to 4.0 GHz! The Intel Xeon W-3300 processor has 64 processor PCIe 4.0 channels and supports up to 4TB of DDR4-3200 Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory.

The Intel Xeon W-3300 processor adopts a new processor core architecture, which represents a new era of performance and efficiency. Compared with the previous generation of processors, it has the following improvements:


*Maximum memory capacity increased up to 2.5 times, memory bandwidth increased up to 31%


*The multi-threaded performance of Cinema 4D workload has increased by 45%


*AutoDesk Maya preview rendering load speed up 26%


*The editing and encoding performance in the Adobe Premiere Pro workload has been accelerated by up to 20%


*The final 3D rendering load in AutoDesk Maya is up to 27% faster


Other characteristic technologies include:


*Using Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, the highest turbo frequency can reach 4.0 GHz


*Intel deep learning acceleration technology supporting machine learning inference load


*Support up to 4TB DDR4-3200 8-channel memory


*Support Intel Advanced Vector Extension Instruction Set 512


*Support error correction code (ECC) memory


*Built-in reliability, availability and maintainability (RAS) technology


*Support Intel Optane SSD P5800X

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